Abigail + Connor // Bloomington-Normal Winter Engagement Session

Hi friends!!

I’m so excited to share a snowy session with you! Abigail and I had been trying to figure out the best time we could do their engagement session, and we had planned on just winging it and trying to find a time with snow, but we ended up scheduling a date and it was SO COLD that we decided to move it to a not negative degree day, because, you know…. frostbite and stuff isn’t something either of us wanted to deal with! 😉

HOWEVER, we ended up getting a decent day! I mean it was only like 20 degrees outside, but compared to what we had the previous week, it was the nicest day… and it didn’t hurt to breathe so that was a perk. WHAT LOVELY ILLINOIS WEATHER WE HAVE.

Aside from the weather, THESE TWO WERE PRECIOUS. I seriously could have shot with them all day, they’re so sweet. Gosh, I cant even tell you how many times I just had to be like seriously? this is perfectly adorable. I’m telling you, just wait until you see these pictures!!

Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0060This shade spot was so much colder than we expected. Would not recommend 😛 but I love how they turned out! Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0064Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0061HER RING IS SO GORGEOUS THOUGH! Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0066Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0062Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0063Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0067Precious.Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0068Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0069Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0065FAVORITE.Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0072Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0070Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0071Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0073ALSO FAVORITEWinter Wonderland Engagement Session_0075Winter Wonderland Engagement Session_0074


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