Alex + Seth // Naperville Riverwalk Engagement

Hello friends! 🙂

Saturday evening I got to hang out with Alex + Seth in Naperville for their engagement session, it was so awesome. This is my second time taking pictures of Alex + Seth, you can check out her senior pictures featuring Seth here.

First and foremost I want to just give a big THANK YOU to Alex + Seth being so FLEXIBLE with me – because originally we were supposed to have an engagement shoot in Normal Saturday morning. Unfortunately, my great grandfather passed away Thursday morning and services began at 10AM on Saturday in the Chicago Suburbs (meaning I had to leave Normal at 8). At first we I thought we weren’t going to be able to reschedule because not only did Alex have a tight schedule this weekend but she also goes to school in Georgia and Seth is here and I know Alex doesn’t come here often because its a whole flight away, you know how that goes. I would have felt TERRIBLE if they didn’t get their engagement photos done while she was home! I also found out she won’t be back in Illinois until 2017! So I sure am glad we were able to work it out! Alex lives up north (from normal) so I figured maybe I could go to her town on the way home since I figured it wouldn’t be very far out of my way and I really wanted to make this happen, and she suggested Naperville because they had an awesome riverwalk! I had never been to Naperville so I was all in! 🙂

Meanwhile driving from Oak Lawn to Naperville was STRESSFUL. But once I got parked (after lots of driving around) we found each other on a street corner and headed to the riverwalk! 🙂 Also, keep in mind, we didn’t realize this was it was HOMECOMING for one of the local high schools and there was a wedding getting some photos taken so it was BUSY. So we waited our turn and ran for the bridge when it came available and you guys, I could have stayed there ALL DAY. It was DREAMY, I’m sure I was annoying Seth + Alex with how many times I said “You guys – this is so awesome” “you look great, oh my its perfect” “wow ok, this is DREAMY”

But seriously this was awesome, I’m glad I got to adventure around Naperville, check out this shoot! It may have just taken the cake for one of my favorites 🙂

Naperville Riverwalk Engagement_0124.jpg
Okay, just kidding let me brag on them a little more, these two are GREAT in front of the camera, I’m not even joking, they were just posing themselves and being snuggly it was awesome. GAH THEY WERE THE BEST.

Naperville Riverwalk Engagement_0131.jpg
Naperville Riverwalk Engagement_0125.jpg
Naperville Riverwalk Engagement_0127.jpg
Naperville Riverwalk Engagement_0130.jpg
Naperville Riverwalk Engagement_0128.jpg
Naperville Riverwalk Engagement_0126.jpg
Naperville Riverwalk Engagement_0129.jpg
Naperville Riverwalk Engagement_0132.jpg




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