Alissa, Marissa + Caley // Illinois State University Graduates

When Alissa asked me to take her graduation pictures I was pumped, and when she asked if Marissa + Caley could join her I was very much okay with that! These ladies are some of the smartest people I know. IF I think I’m dying I know any of them could very much tell me that I’m not! 😉

I’ve had so many good memories with these girls, even though there are few, we always laugh a lot when we’re together. Whether I’m offering my husband to stand in as one of their boyfriends, or I’m bringing one of the pups for a visit, we have fun. I mean the beginning of this shoot we just laughed for a good 5-10 minutes, clearly by the pictures!

Its sad that we all have to part ways because we all graduated, but that’s okay! They’re all going to do great things! I’m positive on that one! Anyways, check out their session!  Illinois State University Graduation_0230Illinois State University Graduation_0232Illinois State University Graduation_0231Illinois State University Graduation_0229Illinois State University Graduation_0243Illinois State University Graduation_0235Illinois State University Graduation_0233Illinois State University Graduation_0234Illinois State University Graduation_0236We both LOVE greys, so it only made sense we did a bff quote about it <3 Illinois State University Graduation_0238Illinois State University Graduation_0237Illinois State University Graduation_0239Illinois State University Graduation_0240Illinois State University Graduation_0242Illinois State University Graduation_0244Illinois State University Graduation_0241more laughs, my favorite 🙂 Illinois State University Graduation_0245Illinois State University Graduation_0247Illinois State University Graduation_0246“bust a move”Illinois State University Graduation_0248they’re some of the prettiest nurses I ever did see 😉


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