Behind the Scenes 2017

Hi friends!

This is our first ever behind the scenes post we’ve done, I hope they get more fun and through as the years pass! ๐Ÿ™‚ We tried to take at least one BTS shot at each wedding, some more than others, but thats okay! Even though we don’t have a ton of pictures of our work, it was such a great year! We’re so thankful for our incredible KC Couples who let us be apart of their big day + lives! ๐Ÿ˜€ We love you all so much!

BTS_0210If I was any shorter we’d be in some trouble, I loved this shot though.BTS_0211BTS_0212March -> June // Also my holdfast is WAY too big… Good thing I got a new one for 2018.
BTS_0213What do you actually need shoes for though?BTS_0214Also wasn’t wearing shoes here, I dont remember my logic here, but I do know I left this little grassy patch with grass between my toes… hahahaha.BTS_0215Kyle + Jen had Kody + Audra in their wedding so that was so fun!!ย BTS_0216BTS_0217Stand in DJ Wiggs.BTS_021899% chance if you play the cupid shuffle Mitch WILL join you on the dance floor.
BTS_0219This must be my go-to… see laterBTS_0220Selfie featuring Stand-In DJ WiggsBTS_0221PALS.BTS_0222I can this one “oh laugh at the tree”BTS_0223Now I’ve got to let you in on a little secret, I have this game that I play with Mitch whenย  we’re just getting dancing shots of trying to do a creepy face and ruin his shot… I’m pretty great at it.BTS_0224BTS_0225I dont know what we call this one… but i think its funny hahaha.BTS_0226BTS_0227I volunteer to hold your dress or flowers or all of the above. Alsoย BTS_0228We were on a BOAT! and limited ceremony space so we had FUN.
BTS_0229BTS_0230BTS_0231BTS_0232BTS_0233BTS_0234BTS_0235Apparently it was the end of July when I started to get very close up pictures of Mitch.BTS_0236BTS_0237For the record – it’s very hard to take a selfie with a 35mm.BTS_0238Don’t let him fool you, Mitch loves modeling.BTS_0239BTS_0240BTS_0241SHORT HAIR BUN STARTS HERE.BTS_0242BTS_0243BTS_0244Love this scrunchy face.
BTS_0245BTS_0246Cupid Shuffle 100%, he LOVES this.BTS_0247Heres where mitch decided to return the favor.
BTS_0248BTS_0249Wait, can you see me?


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