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You guys,

These posts are some of my favorite and most frustrating to write… because it’s a moment of reflection that I really am impulsive when I spend my money and it’s a good thing but also a bad thing, because I’m still so psyched about all I’ve purchased. But I have no money sooo…. But this 2016 was a year of building and I did that, for sure! Mitchell and I have been working on spending less, and with the holidays we didn’t get a lot of exciting stuff for ourselves (shocking)! But we did get a lot of really awesome, thoughtful gifts for the holidays! Maybe I’ll share some of my favorites another day!

SO! Lets start with October,

  1. My bridal guide
    • It has been SO HARD to keep this one quiet. I bought this and was working so hard on it to fill it with all of my favorite images – I’m so excited that these are all ready to go to help my brides with their wedding planning AHHH.
  2. 100 Macro 2.8L
    • THIS LENS IS A BEAUTY. It seriously takes some of my favorite shots. I’m SO GLAD I bought it! I mean just look at these ring shots! Miller-Park-Engagement-Session-Bloomington_0460.jpgimg_3965img_6012Illinois-State-University-Proposal_0210.jpg
  3. Stool
    • Hi, I’m short. This thing helps SO MUCH for me to be right in line with my couples, and it just makes sense! It’s kind of an unnecessary thing to be so excited about but I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!
  4. My Emergency Kit
    • Finding all of the perfect things to put in my emergency kit was a TASK. But I conquered! We got all of the things we think you’ll need for your big day!


  1. OCF Setup
    • All it took was one dark reception with only our external flashes to realize we need MORE light. So we made the investment and now we have a sweet set up so we can deliver beautiful images!
  2. 35mm 1.4L
    • This lens was a STEAL. AND IM IN LOVE with it! Such a great purchase, its easily one of my favorites!!! It takes some beautiful photos.downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0581

December… We actually didn’t buy anything super cool in December because of the holidays! But that’s okay! We loved being able to give gifts to our favorite humans <3

xoxo, Karli



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