Best Purchases of September!

Hi Guys!

I’m here to tell you about my awful shopping addiction and my favorite things I bought in September. I came up with five, two and a half for photography and two and a half for fun! 🙂

So lets get started! We’ll start with the Photography purchases!

  1. Kelly Moore Kate Bagkate
    Photo Credit
    • This bag is AWESOME. I really loved getting a new bag, this one is a little thinner than my other bag, and it fits just about the same as my other one, but when we shoot weddings it’ll be more spacious because I won’t need all of my equipment in my bag since Mitchell will take some of them too. 🙂 If you’re looking for a new camera bag and want a trendy one, this is the one for you!
  2. 2 Yunguno 600EXRT Flashesflashes
    Photo Credit
    • These two bad boys will be perfect for us 🙂 I’ve always had the Canon 430 and it’s done well until Jill let me borrow her 600 for a wedding we shot together at the beginning of the month!
  3. Apple Watchwatch
    Photo Credit
    • This thing is AWESOME. I love it. This is my half photography half personal purchases! I love having this watch, it’s awesome because I’m able to have my phone away but still know if someone needs to get ahold of me. I also love that on the face of the watch has my calendar on it, which I use for Mitchell and I for just about everything we do. So this is super helpful. I’d recommend this watch to everyone, and I got it refurbished first generation – so it was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than what I would have had paid initially (which I wouldn’t have spent, I always like to feel like I’m getting a deal)
  4. Hanabi        hanabi
    Photo Credit
    • If you read my blog post of my favorite board games this was one of the ones I picked! Hanabi is a good game that doesn’t get you too frustrated while playing! It’s a solid game, you should get it! It’s really inexpensive, under $10!
  5. Makeup Mirrormirror
    Photo Credit
    • My mom has had this mirror to do her makeup for just about as long as I remember, but I used it while I was in town at the beginning of the month to touch up my brows, and my goodness…. THIS IS NECESSARY FOR DOING YOUR EYEBROWS – HOLY COW, the mirror spins and you get a close up and you can see so much more of your face… take that as you wish, but you can get all those annoying hairs! NECESSARY.

Hope you enjoyed this and find some help with this!




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