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Hi friends,

Today I’m here to talk about all of my DOGS favorite things. 🙂

For those of you who don’t know I’ve got two awesome dogs – Troy and Pamela, they’re both rescues from As Good As Gold! Troy is almost 6 and Pamela is almost 6 months! They’re a lot of fun. Here’s a picture of these two adorable pups.

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They’re awesome. I could talk about them all day and their quirky personalities and how crazy they are and how much they love to play, but if you couldn’t tell by the title I’m going to review some of the products I use! 

So trying to figure out what to review was challenging, because I buy a lot of stuff for these dogs… So I’m including everything i’ve bought off of Amazon that is dog related since we got Pam!

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PILL POCKETS OH MY – THESE ARE A GOD SEND – Troy has allergies, and a little bit of anxiety. So he has to take pills every single day. So we buy these in bulk. I know you can just put it in cheese, or peanut butter, but once we saw how much he loved these it’s totally worth it. We put these in his food in the morning, and it also helps because sometimes he doesn’t want to eat, but this makes him dig around in it, then I think his thought process is well might as well eat these…. The bad part about these exact pill pockets is the smell TERRIBLE. I’m sure the other kinds smell better, but this is the only kind that Troy can eat because of his allergies!

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Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance Food – I love this food for our dogs, if you look up what kind of food to get your dog you’ll get a lot of view’s and stances on what to feed your dog. The big brands I knew of growing up are actually terrible for dogs… but for Troy and his allergies this is made up of a few things rather than a ton of things with a lot of chemicals – so we’re set here!

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Potty Training Bells – these have been so awesome with finishing up with pamela’s potty training, she knows to ring the bells when she needs to go out and she hasn’t had an accident in the house in almost a week or two… But the downside of these is that sometimes she rings the bells when she doesn’t have to go to the bathroom…. So the challenge is finding a balance between these!


Benebones – After seeing all the reviews on dogs bones and how bad certain ones are for your dog I was really reluctant on buying a nylon bone and this was mainly for Pam since she’s a puppy and literally chews on EVERYTHING. But surprisingly Troy LOVES these. We got the smaller ones since we intended on Pam to chew on them… which is for dogs under 65 pounds… But once troy got ahold of it he really did a number on it in like 5 minutes, so we got the bigger one for him and its a lot more durable, but he’s still made a dent in it! But with this being said, I’d always recommend to supervise your dog when chewing on these bones since the are not supposed to ingest any part of these!

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This mighty bone is a good toy for Troy, but a bad Toy for Pam, she’s managed to eat a hole in the side and rip most of the material off of this toy. Which isn’t ideal at all, so this is a toy we keep up from her because it’s really annoying anyways, but she just likes to destroy the toy. If you have a dog that love destroying toys this is not the toy for you!

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These Kong’s let me tell you, they’re awesome. Somehow I ended up with a senior kong for Pamela which she does just fine with, and it isn’t so tough, but she loves going in her kennel because it means she gets her kong stuffed full of skippy natural peanut butter (which is really good for dogs since it doesn’t have that awful ingredient in there I think it starts with an X)! I like the senior one, it gives a little more, and Pam still hasn’t torn it up so I’ll call it even.

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The Mighty Pig – This is very similar to the Mighty bone – it’s durable, but not… It took Pam a little longer than other toys to rip all the stuffing out of, but she still did it! Refer to above to see my through review, but bad toy for Pam, good toy for Troy.

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This toy – the Kong Braidz bear – cracks me up. I had no expectations when ordering this for troy – honestly I bought it to get above the shipping limit on Amazon to get the free shipping… But this is his FAVORITE toy. I’d recommend it, surprisingly. We try to keep it away from Pam since Troy does get a little protective over his toys, but she’s played with it a pretty good amount and she hasn’t broken it! So as of now I recommend this one!!

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This one is the best for last – This is an unstuffed toy, which is exactly what it seems like – Pam has nothing to rip out, she hasn’t even gotten a hole in it! I am crazy about these toys! They are awesome! Troy loves it too! Its great! Best for all! 🙂

Anyways, this is getting long and drawn out – and sadly this isn’t even all the toys we’ve got for these dogs! If you have any comments/concerns feel free to comment/e-mail me!




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These are some great idea! Our puppy loves his Kong wubba! He also has a stuffed animal toy that is very well loved so we may have to try the unstuffed toy next!

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