Emily // Illinois State University Graduate // Normal, Illinois

Hi friends!

Falling off the planet on and off the next 2 weeks since it’s my last two weeks as a STUDENT! It’s so wild that in 3 weeks I’ll be a college graduate. Absolutely insane. Along with myself some of my brides this summer are also graduating. I’m so happy for all of them and I’m glad we can relate to stressing about the end of school while still planning out our timelines for their wedding’s this summer.

Emily, one of my July brides contacted me about getting graduation photos and I was thrilled to take them for her! Anything that gets one of my clients in front of my camera and I’m there. It was so great to catch up with her, and just talk to her more! Mitch tagged along with us because we had somewhere to be right after, but he was drumming on some trees and making music for us. He’s such a goof.

We had so much fun shooting Emily’s engagement shoot back in December when the first (and what feel slike the only) snow in Normal this winter. it’s one of my favorites. Totally worth going out in the cold!

Emily – I’m thankful to call you a friend, before a client! I mean once we knew you had wonderful game selections the rest was history… 😉

Anyways – check out this shoot!

Illinois State Graduation_0152Illinois State Graduation_0154Illinois State Graduation_0155Illinois State Graduation_0156Illinois State Graduation_0157Illinois State Graduation_0158Illinois State Graduation_0159


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