Emily + Vance // Ewing Manor Engagement

Hi guys!!

I can’t even explain how EXCITED I am to share this engagement shoot. It’s so awesome. I’ve shared a little about how this shoot went down on my Instagram, but in case you hadn’t seen that here we go…

We met Emily + Vance at Fusion Brew to talk about their wedding, and when we tied up some loose ends on Saturday and got Emily her Bridal Guide we decided the engagement shoot was going to be a little bit short notice because we were both hopeful for snow! So it could be a week could be a month, we just wanted snow!

Sunday morning I woke up to snow, just a bit though, I could still see the grass, Mitchell and I didn’t have high hopes of it sticking, so we weren’t sure about whether or not this would be a good time for an engagement shoot. So after church the snow and not slowed down, and it was starting to stick, and I knew we were gonna have like one good shot at it, so I texted Emily to see what she thought, and she was in! So we made our way over to Ewing, and it was just beautiful. I could not shut up about how excited I was, and I’m glad because Emily was just as excited, so I knew this was gonna be great!

I’m so excited for their wedding in July. Emily is going to be the most beautiful bride!

Check out this snowy shoot, it’s one of my favorites to date!


downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0570downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0571HER RING IS JUST GORGEOUSdowntown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0572This will forever be one of my favorite photos. I’m convinced.downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0573downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0574downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0575UGH THIS PAIR TOO. I love these.downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0576downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0577downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0578downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0579downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0580downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0581Their outfits too! JUST ON POINT. Ah this is my favorite.downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0582downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0583downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0584downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0586downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0587downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0588This was following their little snowball fight, it was precious. These two are the best.

xoxo, Karli

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