Esme is ONE!

Hi friends!

It’s so crazy my niece turned one last Friday! Her party was Saturday and I got to take pictures! It was a lot of fun! πŸ™‚ Esme is such a happy baby and I swear she’s the cutest, (not biased). You’ve got to see these photos. But lets just talk about how talented her Momma is!!! She’s seriously got some of the best taste! I adored taking these detail shots, they were really simple but absolutely gorgeous! I’m so thankful to call Chad + Gabi family.

I mean just walking into the room you see the gorgeous centerpieces and the cutest little cake along with the snacks and where Esme gets to eat her cake, I mean really, it’s absolutely precious. Β Her baby book is ADORABLE – I can’t wait to have one for my kids one day, you fill it out as you go and it captures all the little things! I walked by a quote Saturday in downtown Princeton that said “Enjoy the little things in life – for one day you will look back and realize they were big things.” I think that’s so true, and that book will be a great reminder for them and whoever else gets to read it!

I’ll stop rambling because I mean why not look at all the adorable photos from her birthday party! <3

xoxo, Karli

Little Girl's First Birthday_0076This cake is PERFECT + I ADORE the centerpieces.Little Girl's First Birthday_0078Little Girl's First Birthday_0077Little Girl's First Birthday_0080Little Girl's First Birthday_0081This is part of her baby book, in the bottom Gabi + Chad get to fill in what she likes and doesn’t like and a few other fun facts.Little Girl's First Birthday_0079Little Girl's First Birthday_0083Little Girl's First Birthday_0082Little Girl's First Birthday_0086The backdrop and the cake, it’s all too much!Β Little Girl's First Birthday_0087Little Girl's First Birthday_0088Little Girl's First Birthday_0089Little Girl's First Birthday_0091.jpgLittle Girl's First Birthday_0092.jpgLittle Girl's First Birthday_0093.jpgLittle Girl's First Birthday_0094.jpgLittle Girl's First Birthday_0095.jpgI can’t help but smile looking at this picture! She’s precious.Little Girl's First Birthday_0096.jpgLittle Girl's First Birthday_0097.jpgLittle Girl's First Birthday_0098.jpgLittle Girl's First Birthday_0090



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