FINALLY, some Kitchen Pictures!

Hi friends!

This is a post I’ve been so excited to share because it’s be so long in the making!! Mitchell and I bought our house in October of 2015, before we got married. He moved in a couple weeks or so after we closed. We closed on a Friday and repainted the entire house in a week, one week. It was nuts. But once we finished painting we put new floors in, so it made sense to rush so we didn’t have to be as careful while we were painting. Let me tell you if you saw the floor before we put the new stuff down, it was MESSY. But we shared a lot of our house in our How We Picked Our Paint Colors post right once I launched my blog. I completely avoided the kitchen because I’m a cabinet diva, my dad + brother have built cabinets my whole childhood life so I’m VERY particular. In fact so much so that I crossed our house off the list once I saw the cabinets. But once we went back through I called my dad and was like “I love this house, but I hate the kitchen please build me one. I’m only going to buy it if you say yes”, and of course he did. However, life happens and we just installed our kitchen in NOVEMBER of 2016 thanks to my brother, he did so much for us!!

I really do think it was a blessing though that it took longer than we expected because we were able to invest in a few more things from now and then like a new kitchen light and washer. By waiting we were able to pick out the exact sink we wanted, and counters along with the drop in the price of the backsplash we wanted! So of course, it’s for the best but impatient me wanted it done right then! (shocking, I know)

But let me just show you a few of the photos from Zillow of our kitchen before hand.Kitchen Remodel_0151.jpg

It was ROUGH. But that’s okay. its beautiful now, and I’m happy. We just finally got our backsplash done two weeks ago, and I’m very happy with how it all turned out. My favorite part has got to be the kitchen sink. I just love the single bowl so much. I think it looks nice and clean and since we have an awesome dishwasher we don’t really need the double bowl to do dishes. It’s hands down the things we get the most compliments on. Along with the light above the sink, before we didn’t have a bright light at all, so we’re definitely thankful for that.

I’m speaking for him, but I think Mitchell is most thankful for the extra space we have since they go all the way up to the ceiling, and the under cabinet lighting I surprised him with for Christmas.

Overall, we just wanted to share with you our favorite part of our home, which started out as my least favorite 🙂

Kitchen Remodel_0146Kitchen Remodel_0147Emphasis on the under cabinet lighting 😉Kitchen Remodel_0149I just adore the subway tile, its my favorite.Kitchen Remodel_0150And my favorite two pictures of our kitchen are of course last! The sink is the best, and even though I don’t like coffee, I love the Joy mug 🙂

xoxo, Karli


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