Gabbie + Brady // Miller Park Engagement

Hi guys!

I had the privilege of taking Gabbie + Brady’s engagement photos over the weekend! The weather was just perfect! <3

This’ll be a funny back story… So when I first heard about Brady it was from my brother, Kody. It was a Thursday at Campus Church my freshman or sophomore year. We were in the BBC and he was telling me about this guy who worked there who was incredible at ping pong. (Hint: it was Brady) He went on and on about how he was super good at pingpong! It was hilarious. But the next week Kody told me how he played him, and he was just incredible! So that’s the story that always popped in my head when I heard or saw something that had to do with Brady!

Then that summer, Encounter and Campus Church merged, and I got to know some people there! Since I was living in the Girls House, a couple of really sweet girls invited us over for breakfast! (Hint: one of them was Gabbie) we didn’t really talk much that day, but I saw she was dating Brady! So it was really cool to make some connections of the guy that is good at ping pong and Gabbie who is just super awesome! I don’t remember the exact timing, but I think that one Monday night during the summer everyone was out at Cardinal Court playing volleyball and I got to talk to both of them there too! (just jogging my memory!)

So when Gabbie and Brady got engaged back in August I was really hoping I’d get the chance to take their photos because the inner photographer in me knew these two would be a lot of fun to take pictures of! So when Gabbie and I had started talking about potentially doing pictures I got so giddy!

It was really cool taking pictures at Miller Park because

1. I had never done a shoot there so it was just beautiful!

2. It was my first time being back there since my WEDDING reception back in December, so naturally I got allllll the feels!

Anyways! I could probably ramble all day if you let me! So I’m going to cut myself off… Check out this shoot! 🙂



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