You guys, you guys, you guys.

I graduated college on Saturday and it is absolutely blowing my mind. It doesn’t feel like it’s been 4 years since I showed up as a lost freshman at 315 S Fell Ave. I unloaded my stuff made my room look so cozy and had my cork boards fall off multiple times and made me think my room was getting shot at, not really, that’s an exaggeration. But for real, I thought I was on top of the world. Then I met my best pal who moved in with me my second semester, it was so awesome, they say you meet your best friends in the dorms, and I didn’t think it was true, but then Wissy walked into watterson and we caused a scene as always.

From falling down the stairs to Wissy almost pushing me down the stairs to 2AM fire alarms, I was not a fan of dorm life, but I did love my roommate. We were so unproductive, but Wiss still got a 4.0 so that’s pretty great! Then I moved into my apartment and experienced cheap college living, and that wasn’t too bad, my roommate situation was interesting, s/o to gabi for always bein there! but it was still fun! Even though we didn’t get some of our safety deposit back due to the carpets being too dirty (they were tearing them out and told us we didn’t have to vacuum, so bogus).

Then I got to live in the coolest setupĀ ever for only one semester, it was still awesome, I’d 10/10 recommend living with 9 other girls who love Jesus. It was the cooolest and I’ll have those 9 pals to the end of time. I guarantee if I see any of them, there is a HIGH probability they’re getting a hug. I wrote all about them here!

After that I got MARRIED to a really fly guy, and he inspires me daily to do what I never thought I could, like start a photography business and be a dog mom to two. and so much more, that’s another post in the making though šŸ˜‰

Then there was Saturday, I got all checked in and put my cap and gown on and I walked across that stage and got an empty diploma cover all to prove that I graduated college, I’m the last of my siblings to do it, but I also did it in record time šŸ˜‰ 2 majors in 4 years (HAHA kyle + kody).

Needless to say, there was a lot of awkward waves and stuff knowing that Mitchell was out in the crowd taking my pictures, enjoy those, I can’t help but chuckle looking at them, (I cropped in so you could see better). Then we went to Kody + Audra’s to celebrate with all sides of the family because no restaurant on graduation would have been available for a reservation of 20+. Anyways, here’s my pictures we took! I’m going to stop rambling because I could talk about the past four years forever, and I even skipped all the married memories! Enjoy friends! Thanks for reading!!!

Illinois State University Graduation_0213Awkward wave 1…Illinois State University Graduation_0214Awkward wave 2Illinois State University Graduation_0215Awkward peace sign 1Illinois State University Graduation_0216Illinois State University Graduation_0217Illinois State University Graduation_0218find karli in the crowd of giantsIllinois State University Graduation_0219Illinois State University Graduation_0220OMG SO HAPPY I GOT AN EMPTY DIPLOMA COVER SO COOL WOOO HOOOOOOO.Illinois State University Graduation_0221Wissy ^^ my best pal from freshman year <3Illinois State University Graduation_0222Illinois State University Graduation_0224Illinois State University Graduation_0223Illinois State University Graduation_0228hands down my favorite humans, how lucky am I to call them my family?!Illinois State University Graduation_0225Illinois State University Graduation_0226Illinois State University Graduation_0227


Photocred @mitchellcopephoto

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