Taylor, Tate + Payton // Perry Farm Family Session

Hi guys!

Hope you had a great time celebrating with your moms or kids yesterday! Back when I went home for the day I got the pleasure of taking my dear friend Taylor’s pictures! Along with her brother and sister, Tate and Payton. I loved hanging out with them and battling the struggle of the morning. We went to Perry Farm to find somewhere to take their pictures and I haven’t been there in quite some time, and that was a STRUGGLE. Because walking up I realized we couldn’t find a shady spot to take any photos… And we had walked around for TWENTY minutes before we found a spot! It was a little stressful because they were on a time crunch because we were using a cover story so their mom wouldn’t find out what they were actually doing! Because they were surprising her with some awesome photos!

Taylor is awesome, Tate is awesome, and Payton is awesome. These three are hilarious, and they’re BIG hawks fans. They’ve recently done a competition of who can guess who scores the first goal of every game with their parents, Taylor won, because she’s awesome (as mentioned above). I just liked seeing their personalities in all of these photos, check out a snippet of their shoot!

These three were full of laughter, I just loved it!
Kankakee State Park Engagement Shoot_0024.jpg Kankakee State Park Engagement Shoot_0018.jpgOh, sisterly love. <3 Kankakee State Park Engagement Shoot_0027.jpg Kankakee State Park Engagement Shoot_0020.jpg Kankakee State Park Engagement Shoot_0026.jpgApparently this is a common express around their house! 😉
Kankakee State Park Engagement Shoot_0021.jpg Kankakee State Park Engagement Shoot_0023.jpg Kankakee State Park Engagement Shoot_0019.jpgAhh, so sweet and fun. Can I take your pictures all the time?
Kankakee State Park Engagement Shoot_0025.jpg

Love you guys, Karli


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