Heather + Paul // Lexington Lifestyle Session

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

I got to take Heather + Paul’s family pictures with their pups, Diesel and Stella! Both of whom are rescue pups so they’re especially close to my heart! I actually met Heather at a rescue event for As Good As Gold! We started talking about doing some photos with her husband and pups for their Christmas cards and I was pumped!

But back to this shoot, THESE DOGS. They were too funny! I was impressed with how well they listened to Heather + Paul. If we let Troy and Pam loose and tried to get their attention to not only come sit by us but not chase after anything/anyone. It just would never happen. However, when new people are around (my mom and I), they were a little excited because there wasn’t just new people, but the new people had lots of treats!! The ones of Diesel on his back crack me up! But a lot of these do! It’s just so funny to me when dogs have their large personalities. Diesel is definitely one of those dogs. Such a goof ball, Stella is so so sweet. She’s not as large of a personality as Diesel, and just not as big as him either 😉 But these two are sweet! And Heather and Paul are the best. They are so kind and easy going, it was awesome to get to do their family shoot. I hope I get to work with them soon!

We got to do just a few of Heather + Paul, those were my favorites of the whole thing 🙂

Special shout out to Heather for being so so gracious with me. I was convinced I was dying the original time we had scheduled our shoot, so she allowed us to reschedule. Which was great, because I needed that! <3

Check out this shoot!


tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0497tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0498The dogs LOVE car rides, so naturally we had to get them in the Jeep! 🙂 tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0499tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0500Do you see what I mean by photogenic?!!?tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0501tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0502Here’s where Diesel’s personality really starts to show… 😉tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0503tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0504tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0505tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0506tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0507tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0508Such a goofball, Stella was a pro at pictures by the end of this!tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0509tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0510Example 3456 of how hilarious Diesel is.tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0511tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0512tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0513tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0514Of course, I saved the best for last <3

xoxo, Karli


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