How to Pack/Travel with Minimal Stress

Hi guys, happy Thursday!

This week Mitchell + I are in California visiting our family with his parents! 🙂 Yesterday we got to celebrate Chad’s birthday, and today we’re going to an Angels game, they’re playing the A’s. We’re pretty excited to go, I’m pretty excited to get a new ’47 hat… but that’s just me. 😉

But today I’m going to tell you some tips about how I travel and how it isn’t stressful for me! Mainly the packing + airport part. I’ve seen and heard some travel horror stories, and I think in my short 21 years of life that I’ve got a few good things going for me – now I know I could use improvement, and I know the whole game changes when we start having kids (not anytime soon, Mom.). But for now, when Mitchell and I travel we’re pretty good at it.

  1. Be PATIENT.
    • Few things will make your travel experience more frustrating that being crabby and dealing with some unpleasant people or not getting exactly what you wanted.
      • For example, we boarded our plane on Saturday and all the aisle seats and window seats were taken – therefore, we couldn’t sit by each other. If we weren’t being patient we would have both had fits. Granted, I wasn’t thrilled about a four hour flight next to a nine year old, but he was a pretty cool nine year old so I still had fun.
  2. Dress comfortably, and wear shoes that are easy to take off and walk in
    • I know this may seem obvious, but I see some people in some really uncomfortable things while in airports, and trust me, that lady in the high heels running through the airport was probably rethinking her decision.
    • I’m not saying you have to wear sweats or your pajamas, but wear something STRETCHY.
    • On Saturday going through security we didn’t have to take off our shoes, but usually I’d recommend slip on tennis shoes or flip flops because you really don’t want to be that guy holding up the security line.
  3. Put your liquids in a plastic bag!!!!!
    • Another thing that seems super textbook but seriously do it. I’ve never had an issue with something spilling in my bag, but when we got to the house we’re staying at on Saturday Mitchell and I both had something that broke open during our flight, we were extra thankful for our gallon bags at that point!
    • I cannot stress how important this is. For two reasons: 1. You are so much less likely to overpack. 2. You won’t forget important stuff!
      • For example, Mitchell and I had a birthday card for Chad at our house and if we hadn’t made a packing list chances are we would have forgotten it in our junk drawer before we were rushing out the door!
  5. Don’t be too uptight, nothing about the airport is perfect. Something is bound to go wrong, so laugh it off, and just keep your destination in mind – usually that’s a lot more fun, and the airport is just the bump in the road to get there!

We’re getting ready to take off for LA! Have a great day, friends!


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