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First things first, this blog was REQUESTED, so I want you to know if you want me to write about something whether its home/photography/life I’m more than willing to try it! 🙂 So please leave a comment or email me if you want me to write about a certain topic!

So we’ve painted every single room in our house. There is not one wall that is the same, and us millennials love the grays and neutrals. That being said, our entire house is gray, and we love it.

So lets get started! My husband Mitchell works at Sherwin Williams so that’s where we got all of our paint, and he’s going to chime in on WHY we picked the colors we picked, because he gets all the credit on the colors of our house (even though I say we)!

Can’t forget the doggie model! He just wanted to say hi! 🙂

This color is the same in all these rooms (above), its Sherwin Williams “Perfect Greige,” which is a beige with a decent amount of gray in it. Depending on the lighting/time of day it looks like a total different color! In these photos above, it looks really gray, but if you check back in my gallery wall post, you see how brown it looks at night time! We picked this because most of our furniture  is brown. A common mistake people make when picking colors is choosing a color without taking into consideration the colors of everything else that will be going into that specific room.


Our kitchen (which is getting new cabinets in the next couple months, we know, they’re hideous) and our guest bedrooms are SW “Requisite Gray,” which is plain old gray with a hint of brown. We picked these because its was similar, but a shade lighter, so we knew the rooms would flow together well. Its really important that its lighter because we have less windows in these rooms compared to the living/dining room, and the walls are the best way to brighten up a room. Another common mistake people make is having rooms that open up to each other with clashing colors. Finding flowing color schemes is important when picking out colors.


Our bedroom doesn’t match any others in the house, we chose SW “Classic French Gray.” We picked this because we have six windows in our bedroom! So we went a little darker because we both love the darker colors, but with our freedom of the windows to brighten it up, it won’t look like a dungeon all the time!


Lastly, our half bath is SW “Online,” which is gray typically, but when we painted our full bath with it, it looked BLUE, and not gray! Because of our color scheme in there we changed it! This is also right off the kitchen, and our accent color is blue there so we like that this color goes well with the Requisite Gray! We chose this one because

Hope you enjoyed this post, we love writing about all the things we’ve learned about house stuff over the last 6 months! 🙂

Karli + Mitchell

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