How To Prepare For Your Engagement Shoot

Hello future brides-to-be!

If you’re newly engaged and just totally unsure of where to go next you’re at the right place! Hopefully you’ll find some relief after reading this!

  • Wear outfits you love!

    • What to wear
      • Something that makes you comfortable – I cannot stress that enough! If you feel uncomfortable you’ll likely see it in your photos!
      • Coordinating outfits – NOT matching! – Matching is a little outdated, and coordinating looks so nice! You want something that flows nicely together rather than both of you wearing dark jeans with a black t-shirt for example! Most of my brides do a great job at picking out their outfits, but if you need some help I’m always here! 🙂 However if you both love one sports team and want to wear jersey’s that is the exception!
      • Bring more than one outfit! – Following my jersey statement above, I always recommend bringing more than one outfit, typically a dressier outfit, and a more casual one! Also if you can’t decide on just one casual outfit you can bring two! 🙂 We can make time!! But prioritize your outfit choices, we may not always get into the last one!
    • What not to wear
      • Logos with large logos or words – this can be distracting for your images, and it also takes the focus off of you – and your fiancé!
      • Small patterns – for example the really small plaid shirts, and thin stripes don’t look as good in pictures as they do in person! However if this is a must I can make it work! 🙂

downtown-bloomington-lifestyle-session_0581Lauren + Trevor-164Erin + Beau-62

  • Get your ring cleaned!

    • This is important! One of my favorite parts of engagement shoots is I take a few minutes to take some ring shots! I get up close and personal with your ring! Which sometimes shows spots on your ring!

Kristen + Tad-14Jessica + Ryan-4Allison + Ben-12

  • Pick your location

    • I love when my couples suggest a location to get their photos done! If theres somewhere that’s important to the two of you it makes your photos mean more to you! <3

normal-illinois-engagement-session_0012Jessica + Ryan-38

  • Consider getting your hair and/or make-up done!

    • If you’re hiring a make-up artist you could get your trial done the same day as your engagement session! 🙂

Erin + Beau-103Illinois State University Engagement Session_0122

xoxo, Karli



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