Johnmark + Karli // Proposal // Normal, IL

Hi friends!

It’s been a while, but I’m so excited to share Johnmark + Karli’s proposal with you!!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, proposals are my favorite. This one was the most unique one I’ve shot. These two were decorating Johnmark’s Christmas tree and then exchanging gifts before dinner, because Karli’s birthday was the next night, but little did she know there was a ring in one of her gifts 🙂

Johnmark and I were talking trying to make sure we had all the details ironed out and I asked him where he wanted me to be and how he wanted pictures to look and he told me just outside his window so I could get an overview of it. But thinking from an outside perspective I knew I could definitely look like a creep standing on a stool outside his house with a camera…. but thankfully no one called the cops and I didn’t ruin the proposal, even though we joked that it’d make a pretty ridiculous/hilarious story.

Thankfully it went perfectly and these two are so adorable. Check out a sneak peek!

Christmastime Proposal_0062Christmastime Proposal_0063Christmastime Proposal_0064Christmastime Proposal_0066Christmastime Proposal_0067Christmastime Proposal_0068Christmastime Proposal_0069Christmastime Proposal_0072Christmastime Proposal_0070Christmastime Proposal_0073These two are the best.
Christmastime Proposal_0074Christmastime Proposal_0071This is probably one of my favorite rings, because theres something from both of their families and its precious! Christmastime Proposal_0075Christmastime Proposal_0076DAWWWWWW.

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