Josh + Laura // Illinois State University Proposal


I’m so excited to be writing this blog post for a few different reasons…

1. I love Laura and Josh
2. Proposals are TOO fun to shoot
3. I just got a new lens so I’m in love with doing detail shots right now

So get this, I met Josh when I was a freshman in college, and he’s like the most awesome guy ever, he’s super sweet and really cares about every single person he meets. We went to NYC together not once, but TWICE, and we’ve just spent a lot of time together between hanging out at the guys house and playing games, and him coming to the girls house. He’s really awesome.

Then I don’t even remember when I met Laura, I think it was the beginning of junior year, but I may be wrong, don’t quote me on that, college is really just becoming a blur. But I met Laura and loved her heart and how passionate she was in all the things she did, and I also got to experience NYC with Laura (the year I got engaged)! And Laura actually took over my lease after we got married. Laura and I actually work together too! It’s been so awesome getting to see her multiple times a week!

At work, is where I found out she was getting engaged like soon, and I told her how much I had hoped I’d be able to take pictures since I always joked with Josh how when he needed a photographer for when he proposed I got him! 🙂

When I got the text to shoot this proposal from Josh I’m sure Mitchell can attest that I was screaming I was so excited for being able to capture this sweet moment for my great friend! So we got into planning, we met up a few nights before to plan EXACTLY how this was going to go, because I did not want to ruin the big surprise! And I got some awesome ring shots with my brand new lens, which I was super duper excited about! It’s really easy to have some great ring shots when the ring you’re shooting is GORGEOUS. Here’s a few!
Illinois State University Proposal_0208.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0209.jpg
So kudos to josh! for this gorgeous ring! So Cameron Josh and I scoped out the most perfect place to do it, around the same time, so we knew exactly what to expect! Keep in mind it was almost 7 o’clock when Josh popped the question, which means that it was getting dark – FAST. But Josh got a sign that Laura had been wanting for a long time, so much so that when she walked up the stairs and saw it she asked Josh, “can we just take it?!” Lucky for her, it’s her sign now, and she has a pretty ring to go with it! 🙂 Josh also improvised with a little poem and finally asked the question. It was adorable because Laura was so happy and smiley and giggly the whole time! 🙂

Check out these awesome proposal pictures!

Illinois State University Proposal_0211.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0212.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0213.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0214.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0215.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0216.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0217.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0218.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0219.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0210.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0220.jpgSuch dorks, but I sure do love ’em.
Illinois State University Proposal_0221.jpg
Illinois State University Proposal_0222.jpg

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