Luke + Brittany // Miller Park Engagement

Hi friends!

I’m FINALLY getting to share this one with you! I’m officially on thanksgiving break, which means every single class I was in decided I needed at least 2 things due this week. IT WAS ROUGH. So with that being said I had to put photography a little more on the back burner (which wasn’t fun). So big thanks to Luke + Brittany for your PATIENCE. It is SO appreciated!

But I am excited to share this shoot with you. I couldn’t tell you what year I met Luke, but I want to say it was at least second grade, if not sooner. I honestly think it was sooner. But I am not sure whatsoever. It may have been 4th grade, Who knows, not me. But what I do know is Luke is the best. Then I met Brittany and I was like, “This is a power couple, okay lets do this.” Then they asked me to shoot their wedding, and I was like “Ok, these are the greatest humans that walked the planet.”

Well that may be a little dramatic… in Karli fashion 😉 But really my 2017 brides are one of a kind and I love them ALL. I’m so excited for all of my weddings next year <3

But honestly, Brittany is so sweet, and so is Luke! So much so that they drove down to Bloomington for their engagement photos to make it easier on me. They are the best.

But before I keep rambling, check out this shoot!!


tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0521Ok, just kidding, one more ramble session. THIS RING IS BEAUTIFUL. (super cool detail below)tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0520tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0519tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0516tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0515tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0518tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0525tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0517THERE IS AN S ON HER RING. That is so cool!!! (Her new last name will be Schmid, so it’s pretty awesome.)tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0522Alllll the sun flares. These make me so happy <3 tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0524tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0526And my goodness, this one is my favorite.tall-grass-field-engagement-shoot_0527

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