Meet my Fur baby!


I’m sure if any of you know me you know I’m a bit of a dog lover. But I wanted to blog a little more about my favorite fluffy friend, Troy. 2016-07-26_0001This was the first day we got him!2016-07-26_0002Troy has been in our family since November. We rescued him from As Good As Gold based in Illinois. They’re awesome. He’s a five year old Golden Mix, we think he has Chow in him, but we’re not 100% sure.2016-07-26_0004We’ve been through a lot with Troy in the short time we’ve had him, with allergies and obedience schools and plenty of vet trips, but he’s so great and we love him so much. 2016-07-26_0006In the photo on the right is when he had to wear one of my shirts because he was so itchy due to allergies. He rocked it though. On the left, is when we were outside doing yard work and Troy just nonchalantly came up and took this stick and started playing with it… Prior to this we didn’t know he liked sticks, and he still doesn’t play with them… We think it’s more of a last resort thing. But regardless we were so surprised! Troy loves to play fetch, but he LOVES his tennis balls. We get to play fetch every day, but lately he’s been quite the goober and hasn’t wanted to bring them back, so we’re working on it. He also loves walks, and it’s really convenient we’ve got the Constitution Trail right behind our house. 🙂 2016-07-26_0008 Troy made an appearance at our wedding of course, this is still one of my favorite wedding pictures. 2016-07-26_0005Troy loves hanging outside, and being in the water. I think he likes riding on the boat, and he’s really taken a liking to other dogs which has been a huge relief. So much so we’ve decided to foster another golden so Troy has a temporary playmate! If you’re reading this and have thought about fostering or haven’t thought about it and might like it, you should APPLY! As Good As Gold rescues dogs from Puerto Rico (strays) and dogs that are surrendered from homes, however, with the high influx of dogs they don’t have enough foster homes for them. When this happens they have to board the dogs using funds they normally would to save other dogs to pay for the dogs to be at another facility. This is a GREAT way to get a dog and love them without all the expenses as well, all you have to do is pay for food, and of course, love them well.2016-07-26_00072016-07-26_0003We’re so thankful to have Troy in our family and to snuggle with and share our bed with, and we love him a lot!

If you want to see more pictures of Troy follow him on Instagram! @Troy_Cope_


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