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For those of you who don’t know I got married in December. I’m a college student so I signed a year long lease. Therefore, the semester before I got married I lived in a house with nine girls. It was awesome, and I loved it. Check out my rockstar roommates.


It’s the best when I tell people I shared a house with these ladies, and their initial response is “Oh my, WHY?!”, but in reality it’s easily one of my most favorite things to ever happen. It’s so hard to put my emotions on a blog about this, but I’ve built some lifetime relationships with these girls and it was my favorite.


We all have one thing in common, and that’s the reason we click so well. We all love Jesus, and that’s a super important thing for our dynamic. These girls are so important to me. We had prayer meetings every Sunday, and they were really awesome and I loved it. It’s great setting aside time to intentionally make sure ten girls get to spend time together and love on each other. We end the night praying for each other and just encouraging each other. It was great. One night we had a “night of encouragement”, we just told everyone something we loved about them, and we could have gone all night, but we did have class the next day so we cut it off. I never knew I had the capacity to love people this much, but this house does it. I feel like I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll try to get some structure coming up…

Five things I learned while living in the house:

  1. Patience
  2. Girls aren’t always that clean
  3. The long chats are always better than the sleep, or the studying.
  4. College girls really like mugs, and coffee, mostly mugs.
  5. Family is what you make it.


I’ll elaborate some more on this, I’ll start off with patience. Living with nine girls you have to be patient. You can’t always do your laundry whenever you want, and you can’t always use the shower when you plan to. You have to plan around more than just yourself, which helps you in the long run. I’m convinced living with these nine will making living with future babies(Not anytime soon) along with Mitchell a breeze. I know there will be challenges but I’m excited. And I do miss when I hear some footsteps around the house and yelling for whoever it is to come hang.


Next, girls aren’t always that clean. I think its fair to say we are busy, and sometimes we let things get a little out of hand. Like dishes or taking out the trash. But we kept our priorities straight and didn’t let that little stuff drive wedges between us.


The long chats are ALWAYS better than the studying, or the sleep. I love the long talks, I’ll remember those over what was on my accounting exam and that’s what was important. I’ll forever value poking my head in someones door, or someone wanting to come hang. These pals are the best thing that’s happened to college.


This explains itself, these girls love their coffee mugs. We did a secret santa, and it was awesome. The funniest part is nearly everyone got a mug(and some people got two!!), and it was awesome. And hilarious. We’re too similar but so different at the same time. We love each other a lot.


This last one is the most important. I’m saving the best for last. I don’t know how in the world I could love these girls this much. But I’m thankful. I’m lucky to have been able to move in a year ago and not know what the summer + fall semester would bring. No matter what happened at school, if I thought I failed a test, or if I was going to have to change my major, or what happened at home, or anything outside and in between, THESE HOMIES were there. They still are there. We still have our GroupMe we text back in forth in often. We still try to get lunch as often as we can. It’s really awesome. I can’t say enough how lucky I am to know these girls. To call them friends. I signed my lease in September or October of 2014, I knew two of them fairly well. I barely knew the other ones. When I moved in I knew five of them. Leaving I knew all of them, very well. We’ve all had long talks, we laughed, a lot. Some of us cried when we needed to. We prayed for each other, we sang together. We shared great great memories. Memories I will cherish for a lifetime. I don’t know how in under eight months I got all of these close friends, I really don’t. But I sure am lucky.


Now that I’ve rambled enough about what I’ve loved and learned about this house, here’s a really long and drawn out list of everything I hated about it.

  1. Leaving.

That’s it. Moving out meant I was going to move into my new house with my new husband, and starting a new chapter of my life. But I left learning so many things with a solid group of girls that will forever be in my heart. I can’t wait to tell my kids, and my grandkids of our adventures and our talks. And the fact that I lived with 10 girls in the same house and there were no major fights, or really fights at all. I’m glad I had the experience I’m sure you got the gist of that, but I loved every single second.

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