Michigan 8.13.16

Hello! Last weekend we headed up to the lake!! I’m thankful I had shoots to blog about so I could hold off on the lake post!

Mitchell and I went up just the two of us and had quite the eventful weekend, with water levels that had dropped and our boat lift being pretty shallow we had to get four big strong guys (mitch included) and me driving in reverse to get it unstuck! Big thanks to Doug, Carl, Kyle + Mitch! We would’ve had a very uneventful weekend without you guys!

But once we got everything in order we went tubing with Michael, Michaela and their friend Kenton! Check it out!
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0055.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0056.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0057.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0058.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0059.jpgI tried so hard to hold on to Michaela’s tube to recover and that definitely didn’t happen!!
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0060.jpg
I’m convinced Michael was trying to kill me, and Im super out of shape so I fell off a few times…. But that’s why I don’t tube anymore because I’m predicting I’ll be sore the next couple days. YUCK. Then we finally got to ski after it rained on saturday!
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0061.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0062.jpg
Then we were able to spend some time with Doug, Nikki, and Connelly…. GUYS! SHE IS THE CUTEST LITTLE PUPPY THERE EVER WAS (even though she isn’t that little anymore…)!
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0063.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0064.jpg
Like wow, okay, doggie model.

After that, The Presnell’s invited us to dinner and they made taco salad and WOW IT WAS GOOD! Then we took off to take Taylor’s senior pictures! Check them out here!

Come Sunday morning we were able to go skiing some more and I got some pictures of our friends skiing, so these should look familiar because these are what my blog posts usually consist of!
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0065.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0066.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0067.jpgMichael loooooves getting his picture taken! Haha!
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0068.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan Photos_0069.jpg
Can’t forget our perfect boat ornament!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Have a good rest of the week!

xoxo, Karli


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