Michigan 8.27.16

Hello friends!

This is one of the last Michigan posts of the summer! (Some of you are probably jumping for joy!) But Mitch, Natalie, Katie and I adventured up to the lake this past weekend and had a blast even though Saturday morning it RAINED for a few hours! But we were able to go skiing on saturday morning before the rain, so we were up early!!
Fish Lake Michigan_0008.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0009.jpgHere’s a Connelly update! She’s so sweet. She came over to our boat to come visit Troy and they ran around in there for a bit like looneys. It was adorable. Connelly is such a sweetheart.
Fish Lake Michigan_0010.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0011.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0012.jpg Mitch was so kind to take some photos of me skiing!
Fish Lake Michigan_0013.jpg
Then we went in and had some breakfast and debated whether or not to go out in the rain and play. We held off and played some board games, but then went out while it was still sprinkling, but not lightning, and I didn’t want to damage my camera so we didn’t take photos, but Katie and Natalie skied and Mitch wakeboarded for the first time! Then we went to hang out in the corner and swim and take a little break! We got the blue raft with intentions to play Euchre with our waterproof cards, but Troy had a different plan…
Fish Lake Michigan_0014.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0015.jpg But then he got back in the boat and we were able to play!
Fish Lake Michigan_0016.jpg After we were sick of getting bitten by fish we got back in the boat and did a round 2 of skiing, and I brought my camera! And Mitch got to ski too, it was getting dark by then!

Fish Lake Michigan_0017.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0018.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0019.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0020.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0021.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0022.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0023.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0024.jpg And we actually got a picture on shore! Love my pals, they’re the best.

Sunday morning we went skiing but we didn’t get any pictures but I got all 6 of the beginner buoy’s on the ski course – which I’ve never ever done and IT WAS AWESOME I WAS/AM SO PUMPED! 🙂 I did it back to back it was so sweet, I quit skiing scared which is what I had just been telling Mitch I struggled with on our way up!

But after breakfast everyone gave wake boarding a shot starting with Nat!

Fish Lake Michigan_0025.jpg Then Katie and Mitch gave it a shot!
Fish Lake Michigan_0026.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0027.jpg Don’t forget the falling pictures, those are the funniest.
Fish Lake Michigan_0028.jpg
Fish Lake Michigan_0029.jpg Anyways, we had so much fun! It was a great weekend!

Until next time!

xoxo, Karli


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