My Best Purchases of August

Hi guys!

I need to tell you something about me… I’m an AVID shopper – particularly online. I use Amazon Prime to my advantage, that’s for sure. Fortunately or Unfortunately I’ve almost placed 100 orders this year… I’ll leave that up to interpretation for you. It’s so convenient having two day shipping, I love getting my stuff fast without having to leave my house. 🙂

So with this, I’d like to start a little series every month about my favorite three to five purchases of the month!

With that being said, lets get started!

  1. Our couch! 🙂 IMG_5507.JPG
    • Our couches were in pretty rough shape, so once we got back from California we decided it was a good time to replace our couches with some new ones with a great sale. We got to pick out which pieces we wanted in our house so we were able to create the best setup giving us the most seating with the space we’ve got. I think this is the best purchase of August hands down.
  2. The equipment for our bookshelf!IMG_5585.JPG
    • This bookshelf is a great addition to our living room, I’m really glad I took the time to build this, it was really fun to do and a lot cheaper than buying something similar. We found something at Ashley Furniture for $600, where this cost a lot less than a third the cost. We’ll be sure to bring this wherever we go!
  3. RTIC MugIMG_5743.JPG
    • This was a STEAL on Amazon. It’s comparable to the YETI for only $12. It’s so nice having a mug that keeps ice all day, I haven’t put anything hot in there to see how long it lasts, but I’d assume it’s a long time.
  4. MY STRAWBERRY HULLER!!!Strawberry Huller.jpg
    • This is the most UNDERRATED purchase of them all! This is awesome because we’re able to keep the top third of the strawberries, me recently being a fruit eater its been really cool to find efficient utensils to use!
      • Lets be honest – I get excited about small things, but this is worth it.


Hope y’all enjoyed this post! Look forward to writing about it next month!

xoxo, Karli





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