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I know I’ve told you a few times I’ve been meaning to write this blog post. Something Mitch and I do often with our pals is play board and card games! Before coming to college i only knew about one of the card games I’m going to talk about today! Thank you Campus Church guys house to introduce us to some of these games!

First I’m going to get started with the games we bought with our Target gift cards from our wedding! 🙂

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Settlers of Catan!

  • Settlers of Catan is one of the first games I started playing in college. We played at the guys house the end of the fall semester of my freshman year. So this was an easy choice when we had some gift cards to spend. Catan is a game where you collect resources to build roads, settlements, cities, and development cards. The best part is that the game is never the same. Every time you can shuffle the hexes to put them in different spots. It is a great game, I recommend it to everyone!



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  • Pandemic is a game Mitch picked out of the “something you may like” in the Target suggestions. He chose it because you work together to beat the game! Similarly to Settlers of Catan, you never have the same board twice. But it’s really cool because you have different “roles” and the cards are in different orders causing infections to spread across the world. It’s awesome, it’s good to play with a competitive group and leave still liking each other! Haha!



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Ticket to Ride

  • Ticket to ride is a game that you can play with 2-5 players, its really great because it can be as competitive or not as competitive as you make it! Mitch and I started playing friendly, then someone got really competitive with it… not going to throw anyone under the bus (MITCH!). It’s a pretty easy game to learn! It’s a fan favorite with most of my friends!

Now onto a game we bough back in July!


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7 Wonders

  • This is one of Mitch’s favorites, but boy is it complex to teach. But once you know, it’s super easy! There are a lot of little rules, and strategies to it. But you don’t really play against each other until the end. You don’t have to really talk to anyone else while playing, you’re just trying to build off of your own board with resources. It’s a cool game, it just takes some time to get used to! 🙂

And this is the last game we got on Monday!


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  • This is a really cool game you get to work together with! Johnmark taught us this game over the weekend, and my shopping habits caused me to buy it that night. Mitch and I have already played and it was super fun, but it’s better with multiple players. There’s a ton of strategy with it though, so that’s a little difficult, but we’re getting better!

All in all, these are all good options when you need a sweet board game to play! 🙂

xoxo, Karli

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