My Top Five Favorite TV Shows!

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It’s almost the weekend! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend!

Mitchell & I are on a TV kick right now so I’m going to tell you a little about my five favorite TV Shows (not in any particular order)!

  1. Greys Anatomygreys
    • THIS SHOW IS MY MOST FAVORITE. I started watching in seventh grade! Then I think between high school and college I started from the beginning again, I’m current on the show, but Mitchell & I started at the beginning of summer and we’re currently watching season 6! (No spoilers for him please – he has no idea what’s going on)!
    • My Favorite Character: Miranda Bailey bailey
    • She’s got that perfect combination of sass and love for her friends on the show! She’s great! I feel like I can relate a lot to her, She’s hilarious.
  2. Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise
    • This show is so stinking dramatic, it’s ridiculous. I don’t know why but theres this thing about it being “The most dramatic season” that just keeps us interested. Mitch loooooves it, but I’m not quite sure if I’ll want to watch next season, probably not if Luke is the next bachelor, sorry Luke-lovers!
    • Favorite contestant: (Bachelor) James Taylor + Chase McNary – no question. jameschaseJames Taylor was so stinking sweet and genuine! Chase seemed the most real – for reality TV, I loved him on the hometown dates!
    • (Bachelorette): Becca + JoJo! jojobeccaThese two were hilarious and I loved how goofy they were – my perspective on JoJo changed during her season, but that’s okay.
  3. Private Practice
    private practice.jpg

    • Since my Internship has ended I’m taking some time off before jumping back into school and getting another job so I’ve been staying home doing a lot of house work and relaxing. While I’ve been relaxing I’ve started up Private Practice because I’ve seen a lot about it and never ended up starting it! (and its a spin off of greys…. soooooo… obviously a good decision) I’m currently on season two! So no spoilers here please!
    • Favorite Character: Obviously Addison is the fan favorite. I really like Pete! He’s mysterious, but super sweet, but also sassy.¬†pete
  4. One Tree HillOTH
    • This is Mitchell’s Grey’s Anatomy he’s watched it three times through, once with me. He’s already asked us to watch it again, but I said we had to watch Grey’s first (that’s probably why were watching it). But its a great show, it captures a lot of emotions! I was not happy after season five!
    • Favorite Characters: Lucas + Paytonlucaspeyton
    • These two! They pull my heart strings! I get so invested in characters its ridiculous! But they were my favorite! I was always pulling for them!
  5. SuitsSuits
    • This show is one of the shows I started watching from beginning to end. I haven’t started the season that just started a few weeks ago, but we need to! I rematched it with Mitch once I realized they were on Amazon Video. I was PSYCHED. It’s so stinking good. I recommend it to anyone for some awesome entertainment and witty lines.
    • Favorite Characters: Mike + Harvey¬†mikeharvey
    • THESE TWO ARE THE DREAM TEAM. Harvey’s cleverness and Mike’s sincerity is so awesome. Love it. I could talk about these two forever.

Hope you enjoyed my rant! This was fun to write, I don’t typically watch TV much, so these are actually the five TV show’s I’ve watched in the last 5+ years pretty much, with a few outliers (White Collar + Lie to Me are great too, just so short!)



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