Nick Nalley // Eastview Christian Church Portraits

Hi guys!

Last night I had the privilege of taking my friend, Nick’s photos. Nick is seeking out a job in ministry, so he wanted to get some updated headshot for LinkedIn and other platforms! He’s one of the nicest people I know, and he cares about every single person he meets. He’s just an all around awesome guy. If you don’t know Nick, you should meet him!

We first headed out to Eastview, and took some pictures outside, it was lots of fun! It was a nice overcast day! I really love his red shirt, he really popped off the background in these photos. After Eastview, we headed to Uptown Normal. Nick was a Preview guide for Illinois State. Preview is the orientation that ISU puts on for incoming freshman to get them acclimated to campus as best as they can be! So Hewett-Manchester have some meaning to him! He was really wanting to get them in the background of some of his shots!

Overall, I loved hanging out with Nick yesterday! Check out a sneak of his shoot below!


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I especially like the colors chosen for Nick. He does look like a nice guy. I also like his black and white photos. I suspect Nick is happy with your efforts. They’ve caught him where he lives.

Oh! This is another outdoor shoot. Do you prefer shooting in natural light?

My brother is a very humble photographer. But I think seeing his talent evolve over the years has helped his self-esteem. He also likes shooting outdoors. He gets to do lots on his own time, but a few couples have snagged him for their indoor wedding shots as well.

In my opinion, photographers are very talented individuals who have highly visual perspectives on life. I resonate with that. Very cool.

Absolutely prefer shooting in natural light.

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