Our California Trip!

Hi guys!

Last week we were across the country in California visiting our family! We had a lot of fun over there! We were there from July 30-August 7! That’s the longest we’ve gone on vacation together and it was awesome!

I’m regretting to inform you I don’t really have any photos of what we did… (sorry grandma) but we did so many fun things, most of which involved water! and me being who I am and not wanting to put my camera and equipment in jeopardy and not being able to afford the protection for my things near water and sand! So I’m sorry for not being able to provide pretty pictures of my vacation! But what I do have are some adorable pictures of my perfect little niece! But you’ll have to wait!

So I’ll just have a recap! We flew in on Saturday afternoon and got to hangout at Chad + Gabi’s friends house and she made us dinner! It was delicious! Then we headed back to Chad + Gabi’s to hang out. Sunday morning we went to the church Chad works for, Rise City Church! It was awesome, the pastor there is the old college pastor from our church, Eastview! Then they had a softball game, that they won! Following that we went and checked into the house Mitchell’s parents rented out for the week through VRBO, it was a beautiful house with an incredible view (kicking myself for not taking pictures when I had the chance).

Monday we just stayed at the house and swam most of the day, we had a really fun relaxing day! It’s what we all needed! Gabi and I took some adorable pictures of Esme too! Check them out! IMG_0173.jpgIMG_0174IMG_0201IMG_0203These two, <3.

Tuesday was similar, until about 5 we went to Boomers, where we rode go karts and mini golfed it was a lot of fun! Wednesday we hit the beach! We went boogie boarding like we did last year, then went back home and made a DELICIOUS dinner, thanks Chad, you rock. Thursday we adventured up to a mall in Anaheim and it made my heart so happy, there were so many great stores that we don’t have here, there was  Hurley, Zumiez, O’Neill, Vans, Tillys, Forever 21, and Converse shops. I could have easily emptied my bank account. Then we went to the Angels game! Their stadium was great, we originally had right field seats (which two home runs were hit to), but we moved to third base line because we didn’t want Esme to be in direct sun for such a long time! The seats were GREAT.IMG_5385

Friday we took a relaxing day and hung out at the pool most of the day! Then we went to Bucca Di Beppo to celebrate Bryant’s birthday because we won’t be with him when the day comes! After dinner we went to Baked Bear which was this PHENOMENAL ice cream place, oh my so wonderful. She’s the cutest pup I ever did see.

On Saturday we went paddle boarding in the bay, and boy was it WINDY. That was a tough arm workout! But after that we went home and Chad made another delicious dinner for us and Gabi made this rockstar fruit pizza which I’m making for my small group tonight because it was sooo good!  

And on our last day, Sunday, we packed up our stuff at the house and went to church. Then we got lunch at Jersey Mikes! Then we were off to Illinois!



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