Summer Update! // Fish Lake, Sturgis, Michigan

Hi friends!

This summer sure is different than the last! Working full time, during wedding season, plus dog mommin’ two crazy pups and wanting to ski every single morning really complicates things! We’ve tried to find a balance, but we’ll never be perfect so here we are for our FIRST summer michigan post and july is nearly over?! What is that?!?!

Anyway, we’ve been up twice with a camera because our first weekend up we got to celebrate Michaela’s Bachelorette Party and if we’re honest I had 4 wedding weekends in a row before that so I was plenty fine with not bringing my camera with me for a weekend! Then we got up there for the fourth of july/my birthday weekend! Although we could only stay until Sunday it was still super fun!! 🙂 Check out some of these pictures! Lake Post 1_0228They asked me if I wanted to ski, I’ll never say no to that question… I’m nearly sure of it.Lake Post 1_0229Then I got to hop in the boat for a few!! Lake Post 1_0230They said it couldn’t be done… But I got two pups on a paddle board and did NOT fall in!Lake Post 1_0231We tried the skurf board, and that was something new, but it was a lot of fun!!Lake Post 1_0232Lake Post 1_0233Always time to skiLake Post 1_0234Kody was being sassy // Audra wasn’t sure about dropping a ski just yetLake Post 1_0235Lake Post 1_0236Aud was really excited about dropping a ski, it was hilarious! We love her! Lake Post 1_0237Lake Post 1_0238PSYCHED.Lake Post 1_0239Lake Post 1_0240Lake Post 1_0241And to end that weekend with a solid wipeout featuring Michael + the skurfboard

Then we just went up last weekend after a double header weekend and the dogs got to hang out at the country club so it was very relaxing! And my best pal Wissy and her sister KT came along too! It was such a fun weekend, less me getting FRIED, and almost drowning the drone… twice. One time I jumped in the water to catch it, and successfully did. All in a days work. But heres the ones from this past weekend!

IMG_8258Started out flying the drone, and that was fun, then landing it is when i proceeded to jump in the water, whoops. I’d do it again though.IMG_8260THIS PLACE IS JUST AWESOME.IMG_8263-1Featuring my new background for most things. Lake Post 1_0242Above and below featuring the power couple who gets married THIS WEEEKEND!Lake Post 1_0244Lake Post 1_0245Lake Post 1_0256It just makes sense to recreate the double skiing with Wissy, it just makes sense.Lake Post 1_0253And we’re just goofballs so the whole process of getting up and going was full of many, many giggles. If we werent wearing life jackets we for sure would have drowned.Lake Post 1_0249Daw, pal.Lake Post 1_0246Lake Post 1_0243Lake Post 1_0248Lake Post 1_0247Doug is the coolest, really.Lake Post 1_0250Lake Post 1_0251Finally got it for the first time this summer, (hate late starts)Lake Post 1_0252Hi MitchLake Post 1_0254WOO GOO KT.Lake Post 1_0255Lake Post 1_0257Lake Post 1_0258And to end with one of the most behaved dogs I’ve ever seen. And she does cool things too and flies off the back of the boat for the tennis ball. Connelly rocks


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