Taylor // Covered Bridge Michigan Senior Pictures

Happy Wednesday!

Last weekend while we were at the lake (blog post coming next week!!) we got to take Taylor’s senior pictures! It was really awesome getting to know her better and explore Centerville Michigan! It’s funny how we can go to the lake for the last 21 years (my parents have been going since before I was born…) and still not know some of these places exist! With that being said, when you’re at the lake why would you ever leave? 😉 This shoot was so much fun, I was pretty tired during it so Taylor probably thought I was a crazy person, but we were only going to go to the covered bridge then we drove by this little area with a creek so we had to stop by on the way back to the lake and I’m sure glad we did, the creek pictures were my favorite!!! They’re so awesome! Big kudos to Mitch for making this shoot run smoothly whether it was sacrificing your shoes, holding an extra lens or just giving me your two cents when needed! Also big thanks to Taylor’s mom Jane, for the comic relief and helping me out when I had a major brain fart! Everyone that helped me out for these was AWESOME! Thank you all again, check out this shoot!

Michigan Senior Photos_0046Taylor is so beautiful, and great in front of the camera no matter what she says!Michigan Senior Photos_0051Michigan Senior Photos_0047Michigan Senior Photos_0048Michigan Senior Photos_0053Michigan Senior Photos_0049This one is my favorite!!! <3 We were both knee deep in this shot!Michigan Senior Photos_0052You gotta have the silly pictures! And if you’re a lake lady why wouldn’t you take a picture with your ski? It only makes sense 😉 Michigan Senior Photos_0054How lucky are we to have a lake this beautiful! Michigan Senior Photos_0050

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