The newest addition to our home!


I know I had mentioned that since October we’ve basically gutted our house… The list of what is the same/remains untouched is shorter than what we’ve done to the place! We finally got around to getting some of our wedding photos and some frames up which we are so excited about, our living room just got exactly what it needed with our awesome GALLERY WALL. Thanks to my brothers fiancé, we really couldn’t have done it without Audra! (excuse the crappy iPhone pictures)
She’s the best at interior design, I joke with her that she’ll just help me decorate my house whenever because she really loves doing it, and its not something that I enjoy as much as others, and in return I’ll take her pictures whenever she wants! 🙂 But really, Audra is a great friend and I really appreciate her.


So to get started Mitchell and I (mostly me because I’m super impulsive with decisions) had this CRAZY idea about this gallery wall with some frames I had from my old house, which was 10 black frames, and we were going to just go to Walmart at 10PM on a wednesday night to get a few more…. Well, you can assume we bought more than just a few…or fourteen, whoops.

2016-04-14_0020Curtains: Bed Bath and Beyond, Table & chairs: Ashley Furniture, Frames:Mostly Walmart

Oh well, then I told Audra my idea, and she gave me some more ideas about how we needed more variety, and shapes so it wasn’t a bunch of rectangles and how adorable a giant C would be, so I decided to spend my break between classes on Thursday at Hobby Lobby. Which was awesome, that store is something else let me tell you… I started off really controlled with the stuff in my cart on the picture below to the left, then it was crazy all this other stuff jumped in my cart, but when 95% of the store is 50% off how can’t it?!?!? My mindset turned from “do we need this,” to “why not, if we don’t use it we can just return it.”


Overall, I don’t regret it at all, because our wall looks awesome. We just got the pictures in the frames this Thursday and every time Mitchell walks by, he can’t help but comment on how awesome it looks, and how nice it is to have some pictures on our walls finally. So here’s the final product!

*The gold circle is a mirror, the gray pattern is the reflection of our curtains, whoopsies! Also, I don’t know why this pictures makes everything look like its crooked, but it isn’t I swear! I just checked them all again with my level! 😉 Everything that isn’t a frame you can find at Hobby Lobby! Another side note: our walls aren’t usually this brown, but when I don’t have a good lighting system yet, I’m taking what I can get!

I just love this so much, I had to blog about it! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

Love, Karli


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Your wall looks awesome! It helps to have an interior decorator ~ love the way she is standing on the couch to make sure all are in the place she wants them to be.


It looks great and look forward to seeing it. You two d I’d a great job

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