Valentine’s Day Traditions

Hi friends!

Happy late Valentine’s day! First things first, if you haven’t already – enter my giveaway! Next thing, I thought it’d be fun to recap our Valentine’s day tradition!

It’s nothing huge, but it is fun!

Our first valentines day in 2015 started out with Mitchell closing at work, so I’m sure I spent the day doing homework. Then I met him at his apartment and he made me stay in his room (and admire the pretty tulips he got me) while he set up dinner, we got Olive Garden to go because it was already 7PM! When he told me I was okay to come out I walked into his living/dining room in the dark to candles set up all around our take out plastic containers, and we enjoyed spending the time we had together! The best I got was taking a picture on my phone!


Valentine’s Day 2016 was our first married Valentine’s Day! It was fun, we got to hang out with Troy, and have dinner at our new house! We grilled some steaks and made dinner together, and it was candle lit, we even got more candles for fun and I’m sure we ate ice cream or something! But thanks to timehop I found this photo! (Another iPhone shot)


Last night Mitchell wouldn’t give me a hint all day as to what we were doing, and he had to work and I had class until 5! Once I got home there was some candy and a sweet card on the table and the house smelt wonderful! Turns out it was Prime Rib in the oven, and oh my goodness it was DELICIOUS. As we were about to eat, there was one thing missing… the candles. So before we ate we set out our candles and turned off all the lights and got to laugh together and enjoy a home cooked meal! Then he proceeded to share his 32 childrens valentine’s puppy and kitty sticker puzzle, it was hilarious. And then I finished up our taxes, and watched a lot of new girl, and ate ice cream!

Valentine’s Day may be a Hallmark holiday, but its fun to just have a day where we can focus on how much we love each other. It’s pretty wonderful. Mitchell is the best.

What’s your Valentine’s Day tradition? Comment below! 



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