What I Do When I’m Not Shooting


Not only am I a photographer, I’m a wife, I’m a student, a Jesus lover, a doggy momma, a friend, a child, and plenty of other things. But I’ve got a lot of other things going on outside of this blog, and my business.

So what do I do when I’m not taking photos? I have a full time internship over the summer, and we try to take as many trips to our cottage in Michigan so that means our weekends are pretty busy, if you follow my blog at all you’ve seen I’ve been there quite a few times. They’re my favorite photos to take and that’s where I’ve grown most in my photos, it’s been really awesome growing up there. I could write an entire post about the lake and what it means to me, but maybe for a later time!

During the week Mitchell and I try to spend a lot of quality time together, we currently have an (almost) unhealthy obsession with Grey’s Anatomy (watching it now). Previously it was Suits, and before that it was One Tree Hill. I always swear off Netflix when I’m in school. So we’ll see, Grey’s sure was a big series to start up before school starts. We’re only on season 5 of 12… bring it on.

We love love love fixing up our house. We’ve nearly gutted the whole thing, and we’ve got a few more things on the inside to fix before we’re done with projects, but our back yard we’ve got a lot to tear up. Previous owners let a lot of weeds grow which turned into trees, and made shrubs into bigger trees. I’ve learned a lot about yard tools and I’ve cut a tree down with a bow saw… sup.

When we’re not at the lake we try to spend a lot of time with our friends, and we love board games. There will be a blog post on that later! 😉 We’re big board gamers, I can’t wait to write that post.

We also love our church. It’s really great there, and we’ve met a lot of great people through Eastview. I’m really glad I got involved there, while Mitch has gone there since he was nine I’ve been going since Fall of ’13. On Tuesday nights we have small group with a great group of people. Last year I lived with 9 other girls and that wouldn’t have happened if it was for Campus Church which is the college ministry through Eastview. It’s so cool that because of the church we’ve been able to meet so many cool people that we wouldn’t have without Jesus. God is so stinkin’ good. It’s so cool.

When August comes around I’ll start back up as a full time student at Illinois State as a senior, and hopefully starting a new internship! While managing this business, loving my family, being a solid friend, and putting my entire heart into everything I do. As much as I wish photography was my biggest commitment, it’s not. But I sure hope it will be someday soon. But for now, I’ve got a lot on my plate! And I’m surprisingly okay with that.

Love, Karli



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