Why I’ve been gone // Central Illinois Photographer

Hey guys!

I’m sure some of you have noticed it’s been twenty days since my last blog post, and I’m okay with it. After finishing up classes I needed a break. Along with the hardest semester I’ve ever taken I was just burnt out with everything. Although, I’m not satisfied with the “break” I’ve taken, I have had a chance to relax for like a day… Between our anniversary trip cut short by a bursted pipe, and traveling for the holidays we’ve been extremely busy.

But I’ve come to realize, I could make my highlight reel (my Instagram story, snapchat story, Instagram posts, etc) look wonderful and that everything is roses and butterflies, but it hasn’t been. So instead of maintaining what I want life to look like I’m working on making myself a better more intentional person.

I’m looking forward to catching up on some reading soon. I have some wonderful books I got this semester and for Christmas. You guys, I loved being present at Christmas and not worried about my Instagram followers, my Facebook likes, or how many hits on my website I get. I love my job, so much – but it never has been nor will ever be about numbers. But I love my family and the time I get to spend with them. Along with that, I want to be able to serve my clients best. Therefore, if I’m stressed out and my clients know that I’m not serving them how I should be, that’s not fair for anyone. So I’ve been absent because I’m working on myself and how to serve YOU better.

I love you all <3





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