Why you should make time for detail shots! // Central Illinois Photographer

Hi friends!

I got to hang out with my dear friend Kathleen to take some ring shots for her! After she saw some of Emily’s ring shots she was interested in getting some of her ring, and I love taking them so I was more than happy to!!

Then I got to thinking, having time do to detail shots allows your photographer to have more time to get creative with your jewelry, dress, shoes, etc! There are SO many reasons why you should make time for detail shots! Details are so important and they are just BEAUTIFUL. I love having detail shots as my background on my computer and phone, and they’re beautiful in your album! I mean come on, look at these photos, why wouldn’t you want more of these.

I love spending time taking these pictures, and looking fast forward 20 years you may have lost those earrings, or thrown away your shoes, but there is a beautiful pictures of your brand new earrings and shoes etc.

I got so many shots, and if we just had a few minutes we wouldn’t have gotten this much variety. I just picked my favorites to share, but check them out!

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