Wiggs + Ketra // Wild Sunflower Field Couples Session // Pekin, IL


I saw Ketra post on Instagram that she was at a sunflower field with her best friend Alysa and immediately told her she needs to take me there and I need to take pictures of her and her boyfriend, our best friend, Wiggs (some know him as Josh, and I just don’t). Thankfully they agreed to go on an adventure and we went on Sunday and it was THE BEST.

Ketra is seriously one of the nicest most happy people I know. I really don’t think anyone can walk away from a conversation with Ketra and just not feel better. When you look through these pictures you just see her smile radiate. She’s seriously such a light.

Mitch has known Wiggs for 4 years now, they lived together and almost lived together again but we decided to get married, so sorry. But we already decided it was probably for the best. 😉 Wiggs is also incredibly awesome, and so ridiculous. So when all of us get together especially with Kody + Audra, stuff gets WILD, and super fun. But I could talk about my group of best pals, but instead let me show you the good stuff, these two and these sunflowers are like my most favorite thing.

Wild Sunflower Field Session_0071Wild Sunflower Field Session_0073Wild Sunflower Field Session_0072Wild Sunflower Field Session_0074Wild Sunflower Field Session_0075Wild Sunflower Field Session_0076Wild Sunflower Field Session_0077Wild Sunflower Field Session_0078Wild Sunflower Field Session_0079Wild Sunflower Field Session_0081Wild Sunflower Field Session_0080Wild Sunflower Field Session_0082Wild Sunflower Field Session_0083Wild Sunflower Field Session_0084Wild Sunflower Field Session_0085Wild Sunflower Field Session_0086Wild Sunflower Field Session_0087



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